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Justin M.

Beautiful and clean facility with AMAZING and HIGHLY MOTIVATING instructors!! I would highly recommend this Martial Arts Academy. Five Stars all the way!

Erika M.

Journey is a place of positive energy and growth! The owner, Virginia's extensive experience in martial arts and as a mom of five means that your children will be challenged and supported as they take classes. And as a mom myself, I love taking classes from her because she creates an atmosphere of support and friendship that is motivating. If you want to get in shape in a fun and positive community, join Journey! If you want your children to be active, learn, and have fun, join Journey!

Jessica C.

My son started training with Virginia as a pre-schooler and until K, only because we moved out of state. Initially, we just wanted to have him spend some energy, but we got much more than that. I loved her approach to discipline and values, and that she included parents on every class. My son responded so well to her style. Then my husband and I joined Virginia’s kickboxing class. She is an amazing instructor and great person to have around. I personally benefited greatly from her class; it was an outlet and I grew stronger, physically and mentally. We miss her classes so much. We highly recommend Virginia and her business.

Emily T.

I've never met a more humble, inspiring, and dedicated leader who has such a respect for martial arts and its core values- living by example. Virginia DeYoung, founder of Journey, is passionate about sharing the Journey we all walk together, pulling from its strength and finding common ground in its challenges. Her vision is shared through her children's programs and adult programs alike- includes Karate-Kempo and Kickboxing. This is a martial arts school that focuses not only on building knowledge, strength, fitness, and awareness through the discipline, but also building on the morals of living the "journey" knowing that the power you gain is not in the final destination but in the journey you make along the way. I highly recommend as a current student and hope to see you there!

Amber B.

Virginia is amazing. She was so welcoming to me and my family. Her facility is clean and very comfortable. We attended a bday party there along with classes. The bday party was so much fun for the kiddos. She did such an awesome job keeping the kids interested and they did so much in the few hours if the party! She also did a parents night out which is awesome as a single mom!!

Colleen S.

Ms. Virginia is fantastic with the kids. She takes the time to get know each of her students personally and works with each student to bring out the best in each of them. My son has thrived at Journey. Journey has strengthened his confidence not only in himself but in his martial arts. The studio is very welcoming and you feel like family right when you walk in the door. I would recommend anyone looking to start their marital arts journey to go to Journey.

Alysha R.

My daughters and I have been taking classes with Ms. Virginia for a few years, karate for the girls and kickboxing/max HIIT classes for myself. We all love the energy and focus brought to every class along with the awesome sense of community. The life skills incorporated into every class mirror the values and lessons we discuss at home.

Shannon I.

Thrilled to be part of the JMA family! Such a welcoming and open environment. My daughter has FINALLY found a sport that she enjoys and begs to go to every week. Thank you Ms. Virginia!!

Kaye P.

Virginia, the owner of Journey Martial Arts, is exceptional in her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Journey Martial Arts!

Kimberly K.

I've been taking the 6am MaxHtt classes with Virginia since this past winter, each classes is different which keeps them interesting. Her dojo is very clean, welcoming and in a very convenient location. When the Covid crisis hit she immediately offered virtual classes and continues to do so which I am very greatful for, allows me to continue class without interfering with my work schedule. Thank you!!

Jessica G.

Journey and Miss Virginia has been a wonderful experience for my son and our family! When COVID hit, she immediately offered other options and didn't skip a beat- even offered socially distant driveway lessons! My son has grown in his Martial arts, but also his character. Highly recommend!

Kristen E.

Virginia has been absolutely amazing with my kids, especially catering to their special needs and incorporating trauma informed care into her 1:1 lessons with my daughter.
The birthday parties she hosts are also phenomenal. I would highly recommend Journey Martial Arts for lessons and parties for your family.

Jennifer H.

Journey is amazing. Ms. Virginia is professional, kind, and compassionate. She has taught our daughter virtually during the pandemic karate and how to be a kind person. This place is one of a kind and we are thrilled to be part of it.

Aimee H.

Virginia is so patient and kind with our children. She does a good job focusing kids' energy and pushing it toward quality activities.

You can tell the passion that Virginia has for what she does in her enthusiasm and care.

Anna D-s reviewed Journey Martial Arts
via Facebook

Virginia is an amazing person strong loving and caring. As true martial artist always is.

Lorenzo Sandoval reviewed Journey Martial Arts
via Facebook

Head instructor Virginia DeYoung is literally amazing. She has a very well decorated resume when it comes to martial arts. She has taught thousands of kids and has an amazing program. She consults other school owners from around the world with her ability to teach to young children and she is literally an expert in it. As a school owner myself I own a martial arts school and I wouldn’t learn from anyone else if I lived here. If you haven’t tried her classes, do it!

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Our latest news & thoughts

Working Through This Time of Social Distance

We are living in strange times folks. These are strange times indeed. We are social creatures. We are also creatures of habit, routine, and structure. Most people crave a balance of familiar and novel experiences. If you are practicing extensive social distancing right now then all of your previous habits, routines, and most of your former structure and balance between the familiar and novel just got thrown out the window. Schools out. Many parents are trying to figure out how to work from home, all while their spouse and children are also suddenly working from home. We are suddenly spending more time than ever before with our immediate families but at the same time we are cut off from our extended family, our friend family, our workout family, and any other family or community that used to fill our days and hearts. The days are all blurring into one another. Everything is new, we’ve never done this before, and everything is also the same. We’re looking at the same walls, the same faces, the same news reports the same everything all day every day.


How does one cope? My answer is with balance, resilience, and grace.


  1. Balance

This will take time. This will take trial and error. Figure out the type of structure you need. Find your pillars. Do you have anything in your day that anchors you? Is it always having dinner at 6 p.m.? Is it a walk around the block with your family at noon? Is it your child’s bedtime routine? Find or create pillars in your schedule.   


Balance social time with some solitude time if possible. It is ironic that during a time of social distancing one needs to be concerned about not getting enough solitude time, but if you live with people, you are most likely going to be seeing those people All. Of. The. Time. for the foreseeable future. If possible, carve out some time for yourself. 


Connect. It is possible to be under the same roof as your loved ones and not connect. Use this time and space to really connect with them if possible. 


Connect with those outside your family. Extensive social distancing is hard, but thankfully we live in a time where there are ample ways to stay connected.   


  1. Resilience

These are hard times. Where do you find your resilience? People who rarely experience anxiety are now anxious. There are a lot of unknowns about really important parts of life right now. Almost all of us are concerned about finances, both our personal finances and that of our larger economy. We are concerned about our children’s education. We are concerned about all the things we do not know, and can’t yet know.


Reach deep. Call on your inner resilience to see you through. Where do you usually get your resilience from? Do you pray? Then pray now. Do you quiet your mind and meditate? Do that. Do you challenge yourself to prove to yourself that you got this? Then give yourself a challenge. Do you work out? Keep working out. Do you reflect on how you’ve conquered hard stuff before? Then reflect, journal, dig deep. Do you create? Then create. Do you go out in nature? Then go out in nature, just keep a 6 feet distance from anyone you see. What’s your key to your inner resilience? Whatever it is, take time to do it. 


Know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. None of us know where it is, but we know it is there. Every storm passes. This one will too.   


  1. Grace

After students graduate college, they usually have a six month grace period before they have to start paying off their student loans (assuming they have student loans). This grace period is called a grace period because it’s a moment of grace to give them time to adjust to their new lives without school. It gives them a chance to find their footing as they develop new routines and acquire new skills, and get used to new responsibilities. 


We can’t give ourselves a six month grace period on our lives right now. Our children need to be fed and nurtured. We need to continue to meet our responsibilities to ourselves and our families. But we can give ourselves grace when we make mistakes. We can be gentle with ourselves. We can be kind to ourselves. We can give ourselves grace and we forgive ourselves when we stumble figuring out how to manage all the things that got dropped down upon us in a single week. 


This is a novel situation. We are suddenly managing working from home with the kids suddenly home from school, while also supervising an unplanned foray into either virtual schooling or homeschooling. And, because there is more, many of us are also adapting to sharing office space with our spouse, who will of course also be working from home for the foreseeable future. 


We are doing this all the while no longer having access to our usual social meetings and gatherings. And on top of that we are anxious about our finances, our health, the health of our loved ones, and of course whether we will or not be able to find toilet paper when we need to. Most people would struggle with having to suddenly manage any one of those things. We are now managing most, or all, of these things right now.


This is the end of week one. We as individuals, and we as a community are going to figure things out. Do your best. If you haven’t seamlessly adjusted to this new life, then that means you are perfectly normal. Give yourself grace for your mistakes. Give yourself grace for anything you think you have failed at. This is week one. I don’t say this is week one in that this is only week one and we have a million more to go. What I mean is, this is week one. Of course it was hard. Of course you didn’t know what you were doing. We’re all figuring this out as we go. To your best, but be kind to yourself when you stumble. Give yourself the grace that you would give your best friend.


Love your family. Love your friends. Do your best. Balance, resilience, and grace. We got this! This is a bump in the journey. It is a very very big bump, but it is not the whole journey.


Wishing all our readers good health,